Zach & Viggo: Thunderflop



Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61)

Aug 4-28 (not 15)



This is physical comedy with more homoeroticism than the original Batman TV series. The entire hour is like if two of your hot but goofy mates made a parody of those Bel Ami porn films. At some point you find yourself wanting to scream “Just fuck him already!”.

For anyone offended by such sexual frankness in a review, why are you reading this site? And furthermore I must advise that sitting watching 2 men play in lycra costumes, one of whom seems to have an aversion to supportive underwear and a clearly circumcised penis, may not then be your best bet.

They are hilarious, adorable and having the time of their lives. What’s not to love? But they are more than just a couple of cute guys in spandex. They are superheroes of clowning.

They take small everyday objects, fantastical notions and a playful attitude to craft real joyful entertainment. They also happen to be two of the nicest lads you’ll ever meet.

Their skills are fantastic, easily drawing their audience into a hidden world of adolescent wonder and fantasy where everything is anthropomorphised, with its own set of motives and desires.

This was almost a 5 star review. There’s a niggle for me about the pace and timing on the opening skit, I’d have cut it in half. But their cheeky pleasure in everything they do, including chasing after latecomers and the positive energy they pump out into the room is phenomenal. There’s something really special about these boys. They’ve got a show here that is both childlike and subversive.

A surefire feelgood comedy hour that just happens to be a creepy uncle’s wet dream.