You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown ****

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown


Paradine in Augustines,

George IV Bridge,

19:50 (3-11 August)

****(x) 4 Star

I’m a massive fan of family-friendly musicals and “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” doesn’t disappoint. based on the comic strips by Charles M. Schult the show is a collection of short blasts of the childhood struggles of Charlie and his friends. Think the secret life of four year olds on stage with a bunch of catchy songs. It’s a show that’s as uplifting for adults as it for children and a real family favourite.

Going away from the traditional start, middle and end style of theatre, this was more of a group of short stories together telling aspects of each character lives, A live comic book on stage. The main character is Charlie Brown himself with his attempts to fit in at school. His best friend is Linus and his infatuation with his blanket and his dog and much-beloved character Snoopy who is seemingly more confident and self-aware than anyone else. Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally is deeply infatuated with Linus. Then there’s Linus’ sister, Lucy who gleefully terrorizes Charlie Brown on a daily basis. Sitting proudly above the madness is Schroeder, with a love for Mozart and a gleeful childhood imagination.

The actors have done incredibly well and it almost feels like the parts were made specifically for them. It was fantastic to see how Charlie Brown was portrayed as both pathetic yet adorable at the same time. Snoopy really outshined the rest and with its adult undertones, shows a new side to the comic with its take of the real inner feelings of the canine companion.

The cast was vocally strong, while some of them seemed to lack the power and ability for the songs they were given the catchy sing-a-long feel of the music meant you really didn’t mind. Especially with a live band to accompany them. The composer positioned at the back of the stage really gives the show a more professional feel and you really appreciate the quality of the sound.

I would recommend the show to anyone who wants 90 minutes with a constant smile on their face and a toe-tapping good time. It’s wonderful to be whisked back to your childhood when everything was much simpler and the most stressful thing on our mind was a book report.

A fantastic show for young audiences and for those young at heart.


Review by Taylor Crockett