Who Are The Jocks?

Who Are The Jocks?
Pleasance Dome

When I initially read the title of this show, my initial thoughts were that it was based on the colloquial term for Scottish people.  This is actually a reference to the words uttered by the Columbine High School killers, just prior to them gunning down their fellow school mates after years of bullying.  I had also assumed that this year’s comedy show would be like Capurro’s others – topical humour that cuts right through the morality bone, but with a same-y feel to previous years. How wrong was I!

In some ways, it’s the same Capurro we know and love.  Goading us, pushing us, shitting over every ember of moral fibre that ever existed and then taking it down a notch or two from there. There’s no topic too raw as Capurro drawls over Jesus,‘bit too toothy, that blow job, you Jewish whore … what a shame you only got nailed once’ .  And as he leers at a 17 year old virgin in the audience, ‘I’ll cut you up and jack off over your corpse … there’ll be no witnesses’.  And then there’s this whole other dimension as Capurro’s material, and indeed demeanor, is poignantly shaped by the death of his mother.  He talks candidly about viewing his mother’s dead body; the comedy slippers the funeral home gave her – like ‘Carry on Dying’‘, the funeral, and then the dull ache of living without this person who was such a huge influence on his life (as well as his cocaine dealer).

This performance is the evolution of Capurro. He was always great – he was always the best way to spend an hour! He would always leave you with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness for the next 48 hours after making your body spasm with laughter. Adding this emotional element to the performance has elevated it to another level, and although Capurro peppers the passing of his mother his own brand of bad, we’re still left empathising with this little-boy-lost-come-aids-ridden-paedophile-vegan-serial-killer!