Assembly George Square Studios

August 4th to 28th



This is a show that you could go to see day after day and be likely to see something somewhat different. It is performed by a different actor each day, and that person works from a script that is in a sealed envelope until the performance begins.

It was written in 2010 by Nassim Soleimanpour, an Iranian writer unable to leave his home country. He tells us that to get a passport in Iran you have to do two years military service, and this he has not done. The text travels the world in his place. It is unusual in the way it makes you aware of the gulf between any playwright and a performance of their work. It has been translated into twenty languages and performed by very many famous actors. When I saw it we were fortunate to have performing the piece Richard Gadd, the up and coming young Scottish comedian who may have achieved an award or two by the time you read this..

Richard got into his stride very quickly, though for any performer I think there would be one or two deep drawings in of breath early on. There is some audience participation, but not anything to be concerned about, and it may be that the more bravely you approach this very stimulating and provocative text the more you will get out of it.

It has repeatedly been said to be a piece about the transformative and transgressive power of theatre; I feel it is a reflection on human behaviour and psychology as much as anything. Best to really go with what happens, be there.

This is a highly unusual piece, as you will have gathered, one that will stay in your mind and that you will want to discuss afterwards. An experience to be savoured and subsequently digested. Highly recommended.

Tony Challis.