Wasted Love

Wasted Love
C Chambers Street

One Academy productions are really hitting a home run with this wonderfully beautiful production being staged at C venues.

The story leads us through an emotional therapy support group meeting where we encounter 4 males and 4 females effected by the bad side of Love and question why they cant find the kind of love they so desire.

The entire company sing with passion and desire and there isn’t a stand out performer as they all shine in equal measure, many showing multiple talents by playing various instruments. The show is anchored by Musical Director Gavin Whitworth at the piano but also pleasingly taking a full character part with in the show itself.

This is without a doubt a delight of a comedy musical which appeals across the board as it’s for good or bad a part of the human condition in the way in which love affects us. It can hurt, be scary and also be the most joyous thing in our lives irrespective of whom we love and feel love from.

Edinburgh based writers John and Gerry Kielty have a deft comedy touch while always remaining real and it shines through, especially in the character of John as performed by John McLarnon who poses the question, can we truly love anyone else until we love ourselves?

Director Andrew Panton knows his stuff and works the small C+2 venue to his advantage and ensuring the audience are fully included in the production which both grabs and maintains the attention at all times.

Wasted love is a standout piece of new writing on the festival this year and concludes with a brilliant twist at the end of the story. The message I took from it was Love should never be wasted.

Catch this amazing show on the fringe while you can as I am sure it’s destined for even greater heights in the future.