Two Kittens & a Kid ( A gay Man Raising his Inner Diva)  




theSpace on the Mile   (Venue 39)    

August 5th to 20th   (not 7th)



This is the story of a white, suburban gay man who becomes the parent of an urban black girl from a damaging background. At first he has a partner, but the relationship does not survive this change. The two kittens remain.

Christopher Wilson tells us of the many things he learns, about black hair, about skin care, about his child’s first period, about her development into a teenager. He has a splendid voice and often breaks into song, with offstage piano. He tells us about his own childhood conflicts.

This is a performance of great warmth and power. It is both witty and moving. We are left in no doubt as to the depth of the connection between this man and his child, and the distress he feels when things are unable to go right. Particularly memorable is the section about his trepidation in the library seeking a book about girl’s problems, plus his reaction on seeing his girl with a younger boy.

Wilson’s exuberant and deep commitment  to the story and to his child are never in doubt, but his style is always entertaining as well as serious. This is a tale to be swept along by and moved by, brought to us by an accomplished performer who deserves more attention than he is getting. Catch this one while you can!


Tony Challis