Totally Tom

Totally Tom

I shamelessly chose to go see ‘Totally Tom’ based on one YouTube video, a few reviews and some rather attractive advertising. However, I have now been enlightened as to the ways of this crazy comedy duo and I have to admit, I am highly impressed. Not just handsome chaps, the two Toms have created a highly witty and hilarious sketch show featuring everything from ‘Bratwurst’ – an entertaining ‘Skins meets Schindlers list’ style soap – to a re-creation of Oscar-winner ‘The King’s Speech’ but with a gay twist – some of these really have to be seen to be believed!

There was a brilliant balance between the two stars and neither outshone the other, each taking their turn to be the main character in each sketch, and each performing with vibrancy, energy and unparalleled talent. The show is clearly well written and extremely well rehearsed – this was only their second show, yet there was not a single noticeable mistake. The audience seemed entertained throughout, although perhaps enjoyed some sketches more than others. It would be impossible for me to pick a favourite sketch, although Queen Jumanji and the mocking of Shakespearean asides deserve a special mention for their side-splitting qualities.

My one query which hangs over this show is that it carries a 14+ rating, yet a myriad of expletives feature including the ever-despised ‘C-word’ – perhaps the producers would consider revising this to guard a great show against any unnecessary audience complaints. Regardless, Totally Tom is a comedy hit and will no doubt draw critical praise during its Fringe run – and hey, if you’re somehow not massively overwhelmed by their comedy, at least go for the view – these boys know how to brighten up the gloomy Underbelly venue!