Tom Ballard: The World Keeps Happening


Assembly George Square (Venue 17)


August 3rd to 28th (not 15th)


This guy has a small, crowded room rocking with laughter for most of the time. This despite some of his material being very Australian and likely  new to the audience. He makes the links very smoothly and has a good rapport with the crowd.

He covers a wide range of topics relating to this ever-changing globe. He takes swipes at both sides in the American election, has a good deal to say about Australia, its attitudes and its politicians, and especially Australian attitudes to race and asylum seekers. He is unrestrained in his criticism of his own nation. He has a good deal to say about feminism and women’s issues, and a strong section on misogyny. He makes good use of his position as a gay man, though this is not one of his main themes.

He mentions that he was in the same room last year. It is small and given his laugh-ratings when I saw him plus the number of people who said they had seen him last year and come back for more, the large range of topics about which he makes sharp and hilarious observations, and that the room was packed on a gale-swept evening, he surely deserves a bigger space.

He could, display even greater assurance, and should take care of internalising pauses. He has great material, many laugh out loud moments, much warmth and good contact with the audience – which he could make more of.

Give it to ‘em Tom – don’t hold back!


Tony Challis