Tiger ***

Spoken Word (Theatre, Music)

Natural Food Kafe (Venue 415)

Aug 23-27

Times Vary

‘Tiger’ is a story of sex, drugs, and self discovery, found in the liminal space of dreams and young adulthood. Performed by Izzy Stott and Colin Bramwell, a poetic imagination permeates the piece, as Stott leaves her father (played by Bramwell) to take LSD in the forest and remember falling in love.


‘Tiger’ is a bold debut production by Teuchter Company. Stott and Bramwell alternate verse monologues throughout, with sparse dialogue to thread a larger narrative between them. The heavy lifting is performed by Kathy, played by Stott. Capturing a playful worldliness, Stott manages to balance clever audience interaction with a earnest wondering.


Bramwell handles the other characters of the story with remarkable tact, attempting to develop a unique register and intonation for each one. Some of these transformations are less effective, notably the rather jarring visual image of Bramwell playing both Kathy’s father and girlfriend. It was an ambitious theatrical choice that would have benefited from a tighter direction or an additional actor.


The production is accompanied throughout with a dreamy soundscape provided by Dan McGurty. This, along with the use of four different lamp shades, is enormously effective in delineating movements in time and space, allowing instead for the script of ‘Tiger’ to focus on the emotional trajectory of the characters.


The most notable weakness of ‘Tiger’ is the attention given to Kathy’s father at the beginning of the piece, which remained largely unresolved at the close. The production could almost benefit from a second act, in which the periphery characters could become more fully realised.


This is a decisive creative statement from Teuchter Company, melding spoken word and theatricality in complex and subtle ways. They certainly deserve your attention, and will be worth following in the future.


Freddie Alexander