Thrones! The musical!



Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 17)

-Aug 29th



Don’t know the difference between Dragonglass and Dothraki? Then let me show you the edfringe festival book because this is not the show for you. This is a razor sharp parody of the almighty ratings behemoth Game of Thrones that is made strictly for the fans.

For  a show that celebrates the worst in humanity, you need some really warped minds to run with the premise of Thrones, thankfully the team behind Baby Wants Candy are about as warped as you could get. Where else could you get a musical number between Khal Drogo raping Daenerys and a rap about the Red Wedding and there being too many knives! It’s constantly absurd, inventive and utterly delightful.

If you have a dark, silly sense of humour prepare to belly laugh yourself into a coma. For this is an absolutely hilarious little show. Sometimes the jokes are obvious, sometimes the jokes are fiendishly clever, but it never misses a trick, getting laughs out of all the sex and death in the show (and we all know there’s plenty of that.)

For those who have already seen Thrones it is worth a return visit. For it has now been fully updated to include season 6, including a surprisingly tender song about Hodor trying to save his friends and a brilliant recurring cameo from Donald Trump who wants to ‘Make Westeros great again.’ I can’t wait to see what they do with season 7 next year.

It’s absurd, bonkers and bloody wonderful, make sure you get a ticket.

Martin Miller