Thrones! The Musical Parody ****

Thrones! The Musical Parody

Assembly George Square Theatre


Aug 6-26

Rating **** 4 Star

I’m not a massive GOT fan but I like it enough to follow and knew this show had been a sell out in previous years so I was intrigued.

With a cast of six the story is centred around a group of friends with one of them never having seen Game of thrones, the friends set out trying to get that one friend as addicted as they are to the hit show.

“Do you like Lord of the rings? Do you Like Porn? If they answer is yes then you’ll love GOT” is the initial enticement of the group introduction of the show, which is pretty spot on and had the auditorium filled with laughter.

Right from the off the audience are laughing and excited as the cast of six take on the multiple characters in GOT with all the favourites appearing.

Creative and risqué songs are used to cover the main points of the past 7 seasons with current topics thrown in as they try to predict the highly anticipated eighth and final season.

Whether you are a die hard GOT fan or someone like me with half an interest you will be in awe of the singing talent of the cast and they will have you in stiches with the all-round humour and naughtiness.

Clever, funny, Imaginative and creative with a talented cast, I can see why this show is a sell out each year and one not to be missed.

Susan Clark