Three for Two by Phil Booth



Zoo Pleasance

August  5th to 29th (not 16, 23)



Here we have three short plays. First, Control,  where Winston J Pyke plays a young decorator who appears to be wholly in control of the situation, but is he? There are twists and turns, and we do see a good deal of an impressive body as the scene develops, and Winston’s acting skill allows us to form a substantial impression of the man he is with.

Then, in Nightmare in Paradise, Alan Wales plays an older wealthy man with a young male lover who is full of suspicion and doubts about life and his partner. He is a little like a self-confusing, isolated Othello. The crime novel he is reading weaves itself into his imagination. He is well portrayed, though I felt this to be the least strong of the three plays.

Both actors appear in Say Yes, where Gabriel (Winston) is a rich, successful footballer, and Barlow (Alan) is his servant. We learn much about the past and present of both these, and the tension between each as each tries to bend the other to his will and fears revelations.  Again, twists and wry humour in the text, finely written by Phil Booth, draw the viewer in, making you feel involved in this situation.

This is an evening of very sharp writing and acting, and a very enjoyable and diverting fringe experience.

Tony Challis