The Unexpected Items

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The Unexpected Items are On It, In the Zone, Off the Hook and Down with the Kids
Gilded Balloon

Like many of the comedy sketch shows gracing this year’s Fringe Festival, The Unexpected Items found their fame on YouTube (best known for ‘Gap Yah’ and ‘Newport State of Mind’), and so are able to capitalise on that in order to help them draw audiences – but that is not all they do. Whilst Orlando (the ‘Gap Yah’ kid) does feature again in this year’s sketch show, there are many other witty, amusing and inventive characters and scenarios played out by the comedy troupe.

The show opened and closed with two different, hilarious, full-company numbers, one about flash-mobs, the other about Nandos – you can already begin to imagine why the audience would be splitting their sides! Other highlights of the show include the return of Acting with Alan Rickman; and a brilliant impression of a ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ hopeful performing ‘The Jabberwocky’ – no need to mention the drop-kicking of a baby! The audience laughed throughout the show and some were even in hysterics at certain scenes; but something was lost from the show as a result of some occasional minor technical faults and a lack of focus which ended in the performers laughing at themselves. The comedians improvised well which helped to lessen the impact of such faults and actually roused further laughter from the audience; but unfortunately it prevented the show from being portrayed as professional.

It was clear that the show has been well-written and well-rehearsed, and all of the comedians have great comedic timing and create very believable characters, but it will take more focus, a few technical rehearsals and slicker scene changes to make this a five star show. But hey, there’s a strip scene!