The Song of Beast (after Hamlet)



C South  (Venue 58)

August  4th to 29th



This is theatre as you will not have seen it before, where a story with many similarities to that of Hamlet is enacted in a slaughter house in modern day Korea. The business is run mafia style, with competition with other slaughterhouses. Many violent crimes ensue, with murder and a takeover within the family of the Hamlet – esque character, who suffers from a disease that makes him seem prematurely aged and who is desperate to escape. His acting is of a very high standard, as is that of many of the company, and the gruesome story is compelling.

There are many echoes of Hamlet – we can see an Ophelia character, the players, the final conflict – but the story has its own dynamism and originality. There are surtitles as the performance is in Korean, and these are less easy to follow when the stage is more brightly lit. The commitment of the cast is not in any doubt, and my impression is that the, sadly small, audience was enthralled.

Tony Challis