The Pianist


Circus, Clown

Assembly Roxy

Venue 139


4 – 29 Aug, not 10, 15, 22


 It was a really weird feeling to be in the midst of a helplessly guffawing audience while being myself completely unmoved.


This show is a miracle of acrobatic contortion and mime, as a tail-coated pianist attempts to get on stage, sit down at his piano, and play.  Entanglement in the curtains, the cloth covering the piano stool and that on the piano itself, close encounters with a chandelier, a near bust-up with the lighting person and shenanigans with a stolen revolving-top stool bring gale after gale of laughter from the audience, and no doubt tears to many an eye.


This young New Zealander is a master of physical comedy, with a face and body that appear to be made of elastane: his circus skills are phenomenal, and he can play the piano too.  The piano, which is Finnish, deserves a credit of its own: what it has to put up with, and the astounding range of activities that take place on, in and around it have to be seen to be believed.


If you laugh at other people’s mishaps, you will love this show: alas, I don’t find that sort of humour funny – I never got on with Charlie Chaplin either.  Everyone else gave the young man a standing ovation, richly deserved if you like that sort of thing <trudges off, searching for something that will appeal to my bizarre sense of humour…>

Mary Woodward