The Noise Next Door: Their Finest Hour

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The Noise Next Door: Their Finest Hour
Pleasance Courtyard

Improvised comedy, like anything, is not everyone’s cup of tea, although credit must be given to the pure skill, inventiveness and genius of those who manage to pull it off successfully. The Noise Next Door are in this improvisation elite, and their show this year really is their finest hour.

The pre-choreographed routines and song templates had the audience in stitches which is encouraging as these are some of the very few fixed features of the show which won’t change with each performance. Equally though, the excitement of improvised comedy such as this is that each performance will be different based on audience suggestions, and The Noise Next Door make the most of the bizarre suggestions thrown at them. The downside to this unpredictability is that during some of the more challenging and unusual scenes the performers have a tendency to break focus and laugh at themselves, although in one scene they go through intensive conditioning to beat this lack of control out of them! The only other negatives surrounding this show was that one or two sketches/songs perhaps went on a bit too long; and a couple of minor technical errors distracted from the astonishing talent being presented on stage.

The five boys of The Noise Next Door are attractive, talented, quick-witted and quick-thinking, and I don’t doubt that they have an extremely promising future both here at the Fringe and out on the wider circuit.