The Naked Magicians


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)


8th- 29th Aug (not 16th)


Many a fringe performer has tried to crack the elusive mystery, of how do you sell out your show? Luck, a killer team of flyerers, making sure it’s just the best bloody thing out there maybe? Well apparently judging by the queue all the way out the street, to get the punters in, all you need to do is pull down your pants and get your dick out.

Featuring impressively toned (if large in forehead and Vegas magician in eye brows) magic men Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne. They are here for the next hour to bring you an hour of magic and mystery,  taking their clothes off throughout the show until by the finale they are letting it all hang out. It’s a simple but effective hybrid of two genres and for the most part it works. Managing to be strangely charming.

Think the ultimate hen night and you’d be close. Inflatable penis’s used to lure in volunteers, porn star names, condoms gags, lap dances and gags about drunk texting all feature to make a slick, fun show that you could easily take your Mum to. It’s enjoyable and entertaining but it’s just a bit of a shame that the actual magic tricks are less impressive than their naked bodies.

The issue is that there’s nothing especially mind blowing with the magic tricks. Fun with rope knots, mobile phones having a one in five chance of being crushed, a couple of prediction tricks and a finale of getting out a straight jacket is all fine and well. But nothing that you can’t see a hundred times a day for a lot less on The Royal Mile.

What a  pity as for the most part this is an enjoyable hour, it just would have been a better show if the nudity was a more intrinsic part of the performance.

Martin Miller