The Late Night Sexy Show


Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)


6-21st  Aug


Sometimes agreeing to go see shows because I’ve been flirting with some hot guy at a press event can backfire.  It’s like getting to someone’s place and they aren’t anything like their Grindr profile.  Not so much in this case.  More like when they’re a tiny bit hotter, actually.

Our host for the show is Gary Busé, a sexy little curly-haired Australian with sparkling eyes and a shit-eating grin (although it turns out he’s not into that, but is quite up for a spot of sexy choking).

Sex is one of the great equalising forces (unless it’s not, as in the case of the asexual community, hi folks and yes I get the hypocrisy I’ve just committed).  So this is a chance for everyone to come together (at least socially) and have some fun, kick back and let our freak flags fly.

In this room in Teviot he encourages us to talk about sex and being sexy, he keeps taking his clothes off (no complaints from the audience, I assure you) and singing comedy songs about dogging, orgasms and such fun things.

He’s gorgeous, funny, affable, has amazing hair, isn’t ginger like Tim Minchin and alludes to being slightly heteroflexible (I had a sniff, and I reckon between a Kinsey 2.5 and a 3).

Most of his material is empowering and fun, he gets to find out the kinks and turn-offs in the room and quite rightly shares his own.  Most of the songs and material is ambiguous if not inclusive – but then just every now and again it slips back to some heteronormative lyrics and there’s just a twinge of discomfort, like when the popular kids let you play with them but change the rules without telling you.

Still, he’s quite lovely and talented.  It must be hard to stand out in a city full of Antipodean entertainers  right now, bless him.