The Knitted Bible Stories Exhibition *****


The Salvation Army Edinburgh City Corps

Venue 405

11.00 – 17.00 daily – FREE (run ends 26th Aug)


Go see it!  Only on this week, it really must not be missed, whether you’re a knitter or not!  This collection of knitted bible stories was the brainchild of The Salvation Army in Warrington: it first saw the light of day in November 201, and is visiting Edinburgh this week.


The overall sweep of the exhibition is truly splendid, and the detail awesome in its complexity.  Highlights for me – the lions with their lovely twinkly manes, first caged, and then with Daniel in the den:; the amazing spread of food on the table at the wedding feast in Cana; the snake entwined in the apple tree in the garden of Eden; the rainbow arching over Noah’s ark; the field full of sheep and the sky full of angels over the nativity in Bethlehem; and and and…


The basic concept is simple – knit a cylinder with a face on which you shape a nose, dress it how you fancy, and make it part of a scene from a bible story.  The basic shape can, with a suitable costume, become opposing groups of soldiers supporting David or Goliath, wedding guests at Cana, crowds of bystanders watching the different events in Jesus’ life – and then run riot making animals, birds, fruit, flowers: display them all in separate small ‘theatres’ and invite people in to take a look.


You can browse at your leisure, or come at 2pm to be guided round the exhibition by local storyteller Yorick Jackson.


While I was there the exhibition was visited by a constant stream of people, who all seemed delighted with it.  You can sit down and have what promises to be a truly splendid Afternoon Tea – but I had to go to my next show…


Mary Woodward