The Importance of Being Earnest as played by three F+cking Queers and a Duck ****


The Importance of Being Earnest as played by three F+cking Queers and a Duck

Four stars.

TheSpace on the Mile (Venue 39) 21.30

August 3rd to 25th (not 5,12,19)

This is a side-splitting camp romp that does just what it says on the tin. It has sold out here some years back, and is doing so again this year – so you will be lucky to get a ticket. But do try.

It is presented by Outcast Theatre, Australia’s longest running LGBT+ theatre company. Actor/director Steven Dawson is well known for other works such as the hilarious Adventures of Butt Boy and Tigger, which some may remember.

We are in the company of three enthusiastic thespians, Steven Dawson, Liam O’Kane and Brent Thorp. These play gay friends of long standing who plan to put on The Importance but are, of course, rather a small group for a play with such a numerous cast. Arguments fly as to which parts shall be left out and which foregrounded. Some parts are more desirable than others, and there is a point at which we have an embarrassment of Lady Bracknells.

We see key scenes being rehearsed, and key scenes being interrupted as playful mayhem continues between the cast of three. The performance is eventually put together and the final section is one continuous stream of hilarity.

I would heartily recommend this show if you want to open your lungs in hearty laughter. There may be purists who dislike a classic being mauled in this way, but they are missing out lots. Just relax and let the madness take over you.

Tony Challis