The Creeps


theSpace (venue 260)

8th-13th Aug



I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine Waller, the creator and performer of The Creeps at a meet the media event recently.  Out of hundreds of people she stuck in my mind, she was so confident and assured about her muli award winning show, I had to see it. Thank God I did too as 24 hours after seeing it I’m still mulling it over.

This is an ultra dark, intense and in case you haven’t got the drift yet, fucking fantastic one woman show, that combines clowning with physical theatre. With an eerie electro soundtrack, red lighting  she sets the mood, slithering along the stage, flicking tongue and wide eyes. Making sure the audience know the one rule, questions are to be asked to the many characters she shows us.

The characters are tragic figures, an old man sitting alone in the dark, a pregnant lady cooing at her baby that Mummy’s medicine is coming, a lap dancer and finally a little girl who hints at the horrific world of cement doors, mutilation and expendable women around her. Despite the darkness there is some genuine humour to be found too. It swings effortlessly between heartbreaking and funny back into tragedy sometimes all within a line or two.

While the characters are fascinating it’s her physicality that really impresses. She fully embodies these figures to a level I have never seen before. There’s secrets in these characters, while the show may be far too intense for most to dare shout questions, the answers are there in her movements.

beautiful, intense and unique this show is only on till the 13th, but I urge you to go play with the creeps in the darkness.

Martin Miller