The Caroline Carter Show

The Caroline Carter Show
Zoo Aviary

Set in a Western style bar, Caroline Carter sings about people she meets on her travels.  Songs include such subjects as Greek mountain whistlers and murderous wives.  Many of her songs have a twist and some sort of random theme added in for comic value.  Carter has a great voice, which is always nice to listen to, though the lack of continuity and on-going story throughout this production lets it down slightly.

Audience members were glad to be offered free wine or whiskey during a costume change, which is always a way to get the crowd on your side.  Carter is aided with a great guitarist and a very comic relationship between them develops.  However, the lack of character development before each song makes it harder for the audience to engage as much as they might.

A good show with the odd joke and the opportunity to hear Caroline Carter sing beautifully, even though the content may not flow as it should.