The Big Bite-Size Breakfast

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast
Pleasance Dome

A show which incorporated breakfast and a hot drink in the morning is naturally appealing, and an enticing marketing scheme for the show to make the most of a morning performance slot, but the concept and indeed the breakfast fell short. There is a different line-up (or menu) depending on the day, I saw ‘Menu 2’ of a possible 3 and I felt the structure of the episodic plays to drag. Particularly with the first of the 5 ‘bite-size’ scenes, which was fittingly entitled ‘Uncomfortable Silences’. That said, performer Andy Hutchison’s performance was relaxed and his charm made it easy to watch, and at 10.30 in the morning, you don’t need material which is particularly challenging.  However, the partnership with Lisa Beresford was awkward from the start, and for a show which hinged on relationships, this was problematic and only strengthened the noticeable chemistry between the other pair; Alice Robinson and Sean Williams, who were engaging and delivered great comic timing. The highlight of the show was their scene ‘Vintage’ by Lucy Kaufman; where we witnessed a sociopathic married couple living out a fantasy lifestyle in the 1940’s, and both the material and characterisation was quaintly bizarre. This had great potential to stand alone as a full length show, and I would love to see this particular sketch adapted.

If you are particularly keen on stale croissants, lukewarm coffee, an absence of promised strawberries and a side order of gently tickling comedy, then this is the show for you. However I left feeling hungry and with a lap full of crumbs, so the company practically handed over an edible metaphor of their show. Besides the crumby residue of the performance, the individual talents of Robinson and Williams drove the show, however I was uninspired to return for another menu, and at £10 a ticket, this is an expensive and unappetising breakfast.