The Beta Males: The Train Job

The Beta Males: The Train Job
Pleasance Dome

A panto-style sketch show on the theme of train travel.  Peppered with political references of corruption and the crash of the stock market, this is essentially the story of a proposed theft of plans to make a new propulsion system that will make a train which can go from London to Edinburgh Waverley in an hour.  Every sketch is written around this theme, with lots of audience prompts and props.

Featuring pink panther-esque sketches; dodgy French and American accents; stowaways singing their life stories; drag Titanic and the only child left in Berwick, the material was original, interesting and in places amusing. But it was also disjointed in parts, boring in parts and I found myself looking at my watch more than once.  The audience seemed to find it hilarious and laughed throughout – though I perhaps wasn’t representative of the target demographic as the biggest laughs were generated from actors spitting water over either themselves or fellow actors.  Strange considering the majority of the skits were impressively high-brow.

A pleasant way to start the day; full of intellectual humour but just lacking a little in the delivery and continuity.