The Ballad of Unbeatable Hearts

The Ballad of Unbeatable Hearts
Gilded Balloon

It is always great to start the day with someone whose love of language is as vast as his love of what he has to say and of what he is doing. Richard Fry will make you leave feeling how precious your life is, as well as having made you laugh out loud at least the statutory five times needed for a top comedy.

To top that he makes essential points about what still needs to be achieved for gays and lesbians, not just in law but in minds and hearts. As he says, “450 species practise homosexuality, and only one practises homophobia. So who’s the freak of nature now?” Good party quote that!

Richard takes on the role of a father of a gay son in this one man show and tells us two stories, one of a triumphant fulfilled life of his son and one a tragic short one. There is tremendous vitality and variety here, and he had the audience in the palm of his hand when I was there. If you are intrigued to know what a Fruitmaster might be – well, make a little list and then go along and find out!

This is one not to be missed by anyone with an unbeatable beating heart.