NATURAL FOOD KAFE     V 415         

AUGUST 4TH TO 26TH (NOT 14,21)


This is a show performed by a very talented storytelling Otter. (If you do not know what one of those is, come along and find out – there is probably a good bit more you will learn.)

We are in a room beneath a very friendly and wholesome café on Clerk Street, and before us stands said Otter with a small table and a collection of Teddy Bears. With just this, our host takes us into a world of gay relationships, break ups, scene searching, apps, heartbreak and love. Truly quite an achievement, and a very enjoyable one, with many hearty laughs along the way.

Our furry protagonist begins in what all his friends say is the purrfect relationship. But then his partner moves away for work. What is a large forty-eight year old bear to do? He begins taking in the scene, but this brings hope and then disillusion, and some tough nights. There follows the use of the many contemporary means of getting in touch – we all know the ever multiplying sites and apps – with a variety of results.

Our Otter’s collection of Bears of many sizes and shades is made to seem decidedly semi-pornographic. Writhing toys have rarely looked so into each other, and with gay abandon. The narrator’s storyline keeps us engaged, and various voices make us chuckle. Big Bear gets teased, led up false paths and even tied up in his own bed. Difficult can be the path of the mature single Bear. Yet not all the paths into the woods turn out to be dead ends.

This show can be recommended as something quite different, which will be an enjoyable tea-time treat and will leave you with a warm smile.


Tony Challis