Sushi Tap Show ***

Sushi Tap Show
Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus
Greenside @ Nicholson Square Emerald Theatre
Aug 7th to 25th (Not 12th or 19th)
*** 3 Stars
Sushi Tap Show has the feel of a circus street show as seen on the Royal Mile, brought indoors and with additional tap dancing. Pre-show, while enjoying a piña colada at Paradise Palms (Bristo Square – 5 stars), I briefly questioned my sanity for choosing comedy tap to set the tone of my 2018 Fringe. Thankfully I found Sushi Tap Show a fun wee filler for the lull following a deliciously boozy lunch.
Mid-afternoon is a good time for it. More a mid-range fizz than a smooth, luxurious, milk-based cocktail, Sushi Tap Show is high on cuteness, campiness and curiosities. The performers are impressively talented, amusingly irreverent, and their circus and dance abilities cannot be questioned. The male performer delights the crowd especially with his effervescence and charm. Watch out also for the comedic facial expressions of one of the women.
Expect to get somewhat involved in the show. Don’t fret though – this is the exact opposite of ‘audience interaction’ in free comedy clubs, i.e. thinly disguised character assassination. Sushi Tap Show offers quirky opportunities to join their frivolous fun instead, with gentle teasing the worst the ego has to suffer.
Its only downfall for me is the ratio of tap dancing to circus skills. Perhaps half of the time is devoted to juggling, devil-stick, and catching metal cups in other metal cups, which surprised me somewhat given the show’s title. However, if you happen to really like such tricks, but you’re sick of craning your neck behind crowds of people, you’ll be relieved to know that Sushi Tap Show could enliven your afternoon in that regard, in arguably the premier place for watching stuff: indoors. There’s even some tap dancing! And when was the last time you watched adorable Japanese clowns tap dance? The 2017 Fringe? Never mind then. 
Review by Joanne Harrison