Strip Search

Strip Search
The Space@ North Bridge

It’s just not fair that one guy should have such looks, such a body – and be such a brilliant actor.

Damola Onadeko plays ‘Squaddie’, a stripper who tells his life story as he strips. As the layers are removed we learn more about him and get closer to the real ‘Squaddie’. We learn about his tough childhood, the troubles he gets into, his time selling sex, his time in the army and his service in Iraq and the brutal reality of that. We learn about his deepest connection, and about what turns this beautiful guy off sex. By the time the last layers come off they hardly matter because of the way we now know him.

This is a very sharply written show, and Peter Scott-Presland’s script keeps you fully engaged throughout. Peter’s enthusiasm for gay theatre dates back to the days of Gay Sweatshop in the ‘70s and this script shows a great depth of awareness of what goes on inside gay guys’ heads and what it sometimes takes to own up to who you really are in a homophobic society.

But – the play is fast, entertaining, witty and involving, and you won’t want to take your eyes off ‘Squaddie’ for a moment – or let your attention lapse from his revealing and intimate words.

So don’t be fooled by the title or the publicity. This is a complex, intelligent and quite brilliant piece of proper theatre. A definite ‘Must See’.