Stephen Bailey: Nation Sweetheart

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Just the Tonic (Venue 88)

Till Aug 28th (not 15th)



Here at ScotsGay we have always had a soft spot for Stephen Bailey. Bow tie, ginger hair and gayer than a handbag full of rainbows.  If you like your stand up to be full of gossip, dick jokes and funny, personal stories then Mr.Bailey is well worth a visit. As Stephen mentions his show will never be loved by the likes of The Guardian, for high-brow it is not but when it comes to being funny he’s just got it.

His material tends to be amusing little stories about his family, doomed love interests and bitchy banter with the crowd. The set is stuffed full of self deprecating humour but he’s at his best off script, flirting outrageously with the poor, unsuspecting straight folk in the front row. So far, so Stephen but it’s nice to see him dipping his toe (if only a bit) into more political subjects. Like the gay shooting in Orlando and the way it was represented on social media. A small change but something that gives the show some much needed weight.

Full disclosure Stephen has long been a friend of ScotsGay but we would never give him an easy pass. I don’t need to, this is his strongest show yet. Stephen’s always been funny but it’s so good to see him firing on all cylinders, full of confidence and cheek.

Martin Miller