Sophie Alderson is Running for President

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Sophie Alderson is Running for President
The Voodoo Rooms

‘Sophie Alderson is Running for President’ is the first solo show for the Unexpected Items comedienne. The show is essentially a comedic, light-hearted focus group in which Sophie invites the audience to help her discover what attributes the ultimate leader should have and whether she’s got what it takes in her leadership campaign.

Sophie’s performance was very natural and seemed almost effortless at times, repeatedly generating laughter from the audience. Her ability to create a believable and tangible character is undoubtedly the strongest side of her performance. The show has evidently been well planned and the concept is original and inventive. One brilliantly convenient feature was the creation of an unseen, abused secretary whose failure to complete a myriad of mundane tasks was frequently referenced, although this was often used to cover for a few in-show faults. On one occasion, Sophie also forgot the words to one of her many witty self-created songs, although she covered for the mistake immediately and it didn’t really detract from the overall impact of the show.

This show has a great concept behind it and a great comedienne and actor presenting it, but it needs a little more polishing and a few more practice performances in order to fulfil its full potential. Nonetheless, this is one of the better Free Fringe shows out there, and so worth seeing if you’re in the area and fancy a bit of light-hearted and stimulating comedy.