Showchoir! The Musical

Showchoir! The Musical
C Chambers Street

With the rising popularity of Glee and an increasing number of show choirs forming across the UK, Showchoir! The Musical has a relevant concept behind it, and one which was able to draw a near-full house to this particular performance. However, I feel that the original concept and very limited number of comedic moments were the only positives to this show. That said, the plot for the musical is basically the past, present and future storyline of the fictional ‘New Directions’ from Glee – this meant that a perfectly acceptable concept was cheapened by a predictable copy-cat storyline. Another interestingly original idea was the portable mirror backdrop, although this didn’t really work and added very little to the overall experience of the show.

The acting was poor and lacked conviction, quality and believability. The choreography was cheap and often out of time. The cast were unprofessional and deficient of the ability to hold focus whilst on-stage but not in-scene. Additionally, the vocals were pitchy and dynamically unbalanced and the lyrics uninventive. Even the big musical numbers were boring, as they lacked vocal power and the support of a full band (there was just one man on one keyboard) – it felt more like a community show in a village hall rather than something worthy of a place at the Fringe. The only number I actually remember was one which repeatedly featured the lyrics ‘no day like today’ – methinks someone has been stealing from Jonathan Larson’s Rent – I also felt that this would have made a better closing number than whatever it was that did round-off the show, and it would have ended this awful performance about ten minutes earlier.