ScotsGay Festival Awards 2018!

This year, the talent in Edinburgh has been bigger than ever, over 4000 shows from over 55 countries and ScotsGay saw more shows than ever across the Fringe, International Festival and Book Festival.

Our team of 14 writers worked tirelessly to ensure we covered shows across every genre and make sure our readers got to know the best and worst of the festivals.

Our aim this year was to break away from just covering LGBTI+ while still ensuring we covered every show that had value relevant to our readership.

Our awards are chosen by the writers themselves and highlight the very best in class across the festivals.

Congratulations to all the winners.

The Joanne Harrison Award – Late Night Lip Service

Gingzilla is the unashamed star of this show. She wears her provocative demeanour with pride, has consistently magnificent hair, and her many creative exploits between acts often steal the spotlight. I particularly enjoy her slip-and-slide paint-party, in addition to her popping the balloons which coalesce to form her costume.

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The Susan Clark Award – Jo Caulfield: Killing Time

Brilliantly hilarious and witty, or in the words of my companion “that was Funny as Fuck” we could not stop crying with laughter as Jo shared stories of holidays, hobbies, relationships and people she has met along the way.

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The Sharon Jones Award – Simon Callow In De Profundis

De Profundis is an important piece of theatre for us even though our community enjoys unprecedented freedoms now, there are people all over the world living Oscar Wilde’s tragic reality. Russia particularly comes to mind. Let us not forget these stories or become complacent at the rights we enjoy now from the sacrifice of those who went before us.

De Produndis is the most passionate, moving piece of theatre I have ever experienced. The defining performance of Callow’s remarkable career.

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The Brett Herriot Award – John Partridge: Stripped

John Partridge, I thank you for once again showing me what the power of theatre can do, and I hope love continues to shine on you, for the ultimate in an emotionally honest theatre experience get yourself along to assembly checkpoint and be forever changed!

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The Jordan Phillips Award – Skin Deep

Skin Deep is a deeply reflexive musical-comedy which explores beauty, bodies, and the very human obsession with what it means to be beautiful, and the importance of having a positive body image and being comfortable in one’s own skin.

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The Mary Woodward Award – Henna

Henna was a triumph of magnificent storytelling, a perfect illustration of the proverb. The run ended on Sunday: but I’ll definitely be looking out for these two master-storytellers next year!

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The Tony Challis Award – End of Eddy

Great praise must be given to the twin stars, Kwaku Mills and Alex Austin, whose ebullient enthusiasm for sharing this story with us makes us feel we are part of a shared theatrical body for the duration.

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The Taylor Crockett Editors Choice Award – SIX

Six is visually beautiful, emotional, powerful, epic and a show that will go down in history as one of theatres finest! This is most definitely not one to miss this Fringe, or on in the west end at the Arts in London.

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