Sara Pascoe vs the Apocalypse

Sara Pascoe vs the Apocalypse
Pleasance Dome

Pascoe begins her show by telling us that last year her show sucked. Reviewers called her arrogant and her jokes were so bad they made the news.  The self deprecation was intended to pave the way for an amazing show, and it did accomplish this. Although her stuttering manner throughout left me wondering throughout if reviewers had ever really called her arrogant, as I felt she lacked confidence on stage.

Pascoe is half-cockroach (on her father’s side) and she is the only hope for the human race. Throughout the performance, she discusses how she’ll repopulate the human race alone, and comes up with a set of ‘rules’ including spin-doctoring smoking as a positive (‘smaller babies can only be a good thing – especially if repopulating the whole human race’) and no more penis enlargements or fake orgasms. I particularly liked Sarah’s idea for a tshirt – ‘finish me off and I won’t go roaming”!

Pascoe’s show is hilarious throughout, and as she got more comfortable on stage half way through, she was on fire. Her material was well rehearesed and contained some really interesting parts, like the history of pornography and how she would reform this into a Porno-Graphic Novel for geeks.  Pascoe propels the piece with the use of slides, which were a fantastic visual focus. With a bit more confidence and less disjointed parts, this show  would easily be a 4-star.