Ruby Wax: Losing It

Ruby Wax: Losing It
Udderbelly’s Pasture

A comedy on the subject of mental illness seems like a paradox, and few others could deliver such a topic in as articulate, sensitive and yet heartily humourous manner as Ruby Wax.

The pace of this show is a bipolar flurry; swinging between maniacal exhuberance and catatonic reflection.  Wax presents us with a plethora of information on the phsyiology behind mental health, lathered in a candid portrait of her own experiences.

Wax smothers her descent into a nervous breakdown hell with such descriptive humour that the audience leaves both better-informed and invigourated. We haven’t been emotionally drained, and there’s room for self-analysis.  Envy, narcissism and regret – these are Wax’s triggers, and as she passes onto us her successful distraction techniques from the evils within, we’re left with the distinct impression that maybe we do all have a bit of the crazy … and maybe Wax really has discovered ‘the manual’.

The let down for me was the Q&A session at the end. The success of this show, to me, is that removes stigma and ignorance around mental health in a very upbeat way – and i understand the aim of the Q&A is to reinforce this.  However the dread that overcame me with the very real anticipation of fellow audience members emotionally whoring themselves was something very unpleasant to me.

Definitely a must-see! Wax is candid, informed and has all the answers!