Rosie’s Pop Dairy

Rosie’s Pop Dairy
Just the Tonic at The Tron

Before Rosie Wilby became famous for being a stand-up comic, she was (less) well known as a 90’s Brit Pop singer – heading her own band. She had performed at Glastonbury and Ronnie Scott’s before jacking it all in and turning to comedy. This show is a pleasant and nostalgic look at Wilby’s life in the band, built around her self-penned pop diary which was published from 1996-2000 in ‘Making Music’ magazine.

Along the way she reads poems and letters from her old fans. She gives us the juicy details of the band members she slept with, and wanted to sleep with – but we don’t really get under her skin. This is still a comedy show after all, and we don’t have time for too many inner feelings.

Wilby is an accomplished singer, lyricist, comedian and story teller. She sings five of her favourite songs from the era: “Everything is Wrong”, “You Amaze Me” (about her then girlfriend Stephanie), “I Want You” (about Jo, another woman that she fancied), “This Time” and “Reward” punctuate the funny stories.

She does have a story to tell. I enjoyed it. Actually, I loved it. But I can’t help feeling there is more that she isn’t telling…