Rocking your Vote


Musicals and Opera

Greenside @ Nicholson Square (Venue 209)

August 8th to 26th (not 14)



This show features Will Goodhand, who stood for Parliament unsuccessfully in 2015 as a Labour candidate. The show follows his time before the election, from his selection for a northern constituency to the general(?) election. There is a mixture of spoken word at party meetings and the like and Will sings his political ideas, which are sound mainstream social democratic ones.

He is aided by Russ Evans as the local party boss and Isabelle Paige as an enraged granny and a Yummy Mummy met canvassing. A touch of Postman Always rings Twice here.

I felt some confusion as I believed Will was a candidate in the general election not in a bye election, but we are repeatedly told about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, which was not thought of till after that election. No word of Ed Miliband. Did I miss something?

There is plenty of life in this show, and for a big man in a suit Will dances very vigorously, dashing in and leaping all over the stage. There are also snips on screen where Lembit Opik, the former Liberal Democrat MP, appears, giving advice, and mentioning some of the things we most know him for. There is a Boris bit and a Brexit bit.

The party meetings shown here represent the kind of moribund Labour constituencies we are told do exist especially in safe Labour areas, though this was supposed to be a Tory held marginal. I have to say that as a party member since 1970 I have never encountered anything like it, so presumably this was done simply for comic effect.

This show has energy but did not always seem to know which level it was trying to maintain – whether to have a message or whether to be a light spoof. It didn’t come across a sufficiently coherent to be powerful, but there were moments of good fun.

Tony Challis