Richard Gadd – Monkey See Monkey Do

Banshee Labyrinth (venue 156)
-Aug 29th
As always were at the end of the festival and a gem of a show appears, tonight it’s the 2016 Edinburgh comedy award winning Richard Gadd.
The show is part of the PBH free fringe but it’s been so popular that not only has he put on two shows today, people have been queueing to get tickets to the 9:45pm  show since 6pm. The venue was rammed, the benches were full, people were sitting on the stage, on the floor, on the steps, standing at the back. Any spare space was filled and I can see why. His show is fantastic.
Richard bursts into the stage before spending the full hour running on a treadmill. Why is he running on a treadmill and what does that have to do with monkeys? All will become apparent as the show pans out.
Anxiety, depression, repressed sexuality, sexual assault, self blame and masculine pride are at the centre of the show. Be a man’s man! Yes it sound harrowing for a comedy show but this is a man taking back control of his life and through well timed and placed comedy is exploring what masculinity is and how it can be turned from something harmful into something inspiring.
This show is more than a brilliant comedy it’s standing up to the ridiculous bullshit mental health advice spouted by so called celebrities and showing that your not alone and it’s ok to talk about it.
The festival may be over but Richard Gadd can only go up from here so keep an eye out and when the opportunity arises go see him.
Ivy Von Anderson