Rhys Nicholson: I’m Fine ****


Underbelly Med Quad

-Aug 27th


Kenneth Willaims style dressed in Gomez Addams-atire smelling strongly of vanilla: this rapid fire comical is a night with moments of homo-empathy as Rhys Nicholson shares what it’s like to live with being gay and anxiety ridden, memoirs of being a typical teenager in school and experiences of touring in the outback.

Beautifully presented with spontaneous improvisation chucked in every other half breath, it’s heartwarming to be taken into his private life and laugh with him at the cards he’s  been dealt in an multi-layered story that had the audience laughing for lots of different reasons. Something for everyone drawing on experiences of teenage years and first loves to the present ideal dream well translated for a UK audience, making the tales of Australia relatable.

 At first look his timid shyness irrupts into an articulate, confident story teller with a funny every beat. He’s your witty gay friend who can turn anything into a pun and gay up the most simple or innocent. A wit and sharpness used to mock the demons of his past retold for the audience who’s reactions are commented on “oh so that’s the line is it?” , “you should worry they get darker than that” with such a frequency which adds a unique analytical style that is uncommon in comedy but fits this comic beautifully and tickles an audience.
Mental illness positive, sex positive and beautifully left wing comedy : a brilliant comedy show for 2017
Tiger Strode