Rex de Vil

A Slow Air – The Traverse
Anyone for a Witchhunt? – Laughing Horse at the Counting House
Are You Game? With Sonny Spells – The Spaces on the Mile
Are You Happy Now – Kiwi Bar
Eat Your Heart Out – Assembly George Square
Eric Lampaert – Pleasance
Find Me – Paradise at Augustine’s
Hotel Medea – Summerhall
I see Simon – Zoo Roxy Music
James Acaster – Pleasance
Julius Caesar – Laughing Horse
Last Orders – The Traverse
Andi Osho – Pleasance
Man of Valour – The Traverse
Medea’s Children – St George’s West
Mission Drift – The Traverse
No Holes and the Bard – Zoo Southside
Orlando – St George’s West
Sex Lies and Eurovision – Spotlight at the Merchants Hall
Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart – The Traverse
Wheel – The Traverse
Yellow Wallpaper – The Spaces
Tomboy Blues – The Theory of Disappointment – Zoo Southside
Uglies do Edinburgh Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel
What Remains – The Traverse