Assembly Rooms, Music Hall, Venue 20

August 2nd to 25th 22:35 (Not 12th or 19th)

⭐⭐⭐ (Three Stars)

2019 has been an epic year for Four of the Spice Girls, minus posh they have just completed a major stadium tour of UK and the tribute circuit also received a boost from the new interest in the 5-piece band who brought girl power to the 90’s.

Red Entertainment is currently touring the UK with “Wannabe: The Spice Girls Show” and are making a full fringe run in the Music Hall in the historic Assembly Rooms and deliver a show which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Transporting us back to the 90’s with vocal news clips and over the proceeding 45 minutes moves us through the career highlights of the girls with all the hits present, there is even time to look at some of their solo efforts before the reunion for the Olympics is covered and then onto this year’s spice world concerts.

The production is big and flashy thanks to Sam Lisher and Dave Muir’s full on pop concert lighting design which lights up the entire Music hall with ease combined with James Smiths sound design the backing tracks boom out and get the audience into full Saturday night swinging mode. Director Matt Brinkler does an excellent job setting the show and the 5 girls and 2 male dancers give it they’re all.

There were some lighting issues as well sound problems including bizarrely a backing track from fellow 90’s pop band “Bewitched” belting out albeit briefly. The show is a brief affair coming in at just 45 minutes and for the ticket price, it does feel a little short-changing.

For all that, grab a glass of wine and gaggle of your pals and let your hair down its a fun if short end to a fringe day but for a spice girl fan also a very fitting one.

Brett Herriot

Twitter @BrettHerriot