Review: UN POYO ROJO  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



Zoo SouthsideΒ  Β  V82

August 21 to 26

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Five Star)

Two Argentinian men dance and cavort playfully for an hour in a locker room with a radio and tiny shorts. That description does not do justice to the brilliance and joy of this show. Nicolas Poggi and Luciano Rossi are enormously talented performers, and they can do just about anything with their bodies, with each other and with the audience they have captivated.
They have their audience laughing helplessly, with both subtle movements, maybe with cigarettes or with facial expressions, or with a broader take, when they appear to become walruses. It is unlikely you will have seen a male nipple used in just the way it is at one point in this show.
The radio plays a role in the show, with various stations accompanying their more low-key actions and sequences, which still had those around me tittering uncontrollably. These guys make actions look easy that have taken decades of work to perfect. They are returning to Edinburgh after an internationally acclaimed world tour for only six shows at the Fringe, and tickets are going fast.
Playfulness is a key to their approach. Nothing of conventional macho competition or aggression for these two, but a delightful sense of freedom to enjoy the moment and to enjoy messing around. The show is choreographed by Poggi and Rosso, and, of course, boy, do they know exactly what they are doing.
I cannot recommend this show enough. It is transporting from the beginning, an hour of being diverted by guys who have the greatest skill and ability, and the audience can simply bathe in their brilliance.