Review: Trump the Musical ***

Trump the Musical


20.55 until Monday 27th August

Blowfish Theatre, Chamber Street

*** (3stars)

Trump the musical starts by fast forwarding us to 2020, where the is story inspired by Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un and Nigel Farage. The plot sees Donald Trump seeking re-election where he and Putin compete to be the first to nuke North Korea. Nigel Farage is now” King Nigel” of the divided Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland and Putin is somewhat crazily besotted with his friendship for Trump.

Sadly, this musical wasn’t for me as I just found it a bit daft and completely erratic, but if that’s your sense of humour then you may appreciate the all-round silliness and political nonsense. The almost full show had a mixed audience and some roaring with laughter while others sat fairly quiet but relaxed enough to watch the well-rehearsed performance.

I did enjoy the music and upbeat energy of the cast as they change wigs for different characters in particular the strongest performance came from Putin actress Polly Bycroft-Brown who also played ‘Kimmmy’ Jong Un, she has outstanding vocals and made the stage light up, if it wasn’t for her, I would have been totally bored, I looked forward to her stepping out from behind the curtain each time.

The idea is imaginative and I’m sure with a bigger budget and more creative in-depth script we would see this show improve immensely but, in my opinion, I would rather spend my time and money on one of the other fantastic musicals and comedy at the Fringe.

Susan Clark