Review: Timandra Harkness: Take a Risk 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Timandra Harkness: Take a Risk

Assembly Rox 11:15

Aug 22 -15

🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Four Star)

Take a Risk is a sure bet for a great show. From meeting your one-true-love to winning the lottery or dying of cancer, Timandra Harkness explores the importance of chance events in everyday life through funny anecdotes and self-deprecating humour.

Rolling into Lady Fortune’s Casino, the guests are each given one poker chip to start betting in the show. There are prizes to be won, some tasty and some sweet, but there is the possibility that some participants will come to a sticky end.

The spotlight on the audience, Timandra explores the different types of risks we take when faced with uncertainty and reveals how these choices can affect us physically, financially, and emotionally.

A presenter, writer, and comedian working for BBC Radio 4 with degrees in both Film and Drama and Maths and Statistics, Fringe veteran Timandra explores the confluence of scientific knowledge and human behaviour and the effect this has on modern culture.

Take a Risk is a light-hearted and entertaining show that manages to reveal the odd and sometimes dark ways we cope with uncertainty and avoid risks. Timandra challenges these ideas and encourages the audience to embrace the thrill of taking chances.


Derek Setter