Review: The Girls from Oz, because, because, because…. ***

The Girls from Oz, because, because, because….

Cabaret & Variety

The Space @ Symposium Hall

18:10 until Saturday 18th August

*** (3 Stars)

The Girls from Oz join us for a short time only at the Fringe. Arriving on stage the glamorous trio are accompanied by 3 band members. A red head, blonde and brunette, these are our Girls from Oz and they dazzle on stage wearing glittering emerald green gowns beaming with smiles and ready to entertain. On a rainy Monday night, the crowd is small and we are greeted with a warm welcome. Kara Lane (Redhead), Sally White (Blonde) , Ashleigh Maude (Brunette) tell us the inspiration for their show is not The Wizard of Oz but The Boy from Oz musical based on the life of Australian singer/songwriter Peter Allen. From here the girls share their hopes and dreams while singing mostly songs I didn’t recognise but could still appreciate the individual talent and musical theatre vibe.

Uplifting and with a glamorous vintage feel this would normally be right up my street but, something was lacking and I found the filler Australian banter moments very corny.

This show reminded me of entertainment you would expect to receive on a holiday resort at a hotel, enjoyable for an hour but nothing ground-breaking or perhaps a warm up for the main act.

Maybe, if you are Australian and are craving a little bit of home then perhaps this would be the show for you or in my opinion, it would be appreciated more from an older generation (most of the audience were) who may get more from it that I did.

My positives are definitely appreciating the musical theatre, cabaret, jazz training expertise and talent the ladies show and their voices work perfectly together while each of them also shone during their solo performance and no doubt is given that they put in 100% effort.

Worth seeing on a gloomy evening, but needs much more to it to lure the crowds of the Edinburgh Fringe!

Susan Clark