Review: The Crooners ****

The Crooners


Pleasance Courtyard

Until August 26th 23:00

**** (Four Star)

Brendan Murphy and Kiell Smith-Bynoe are the Crooners, a one hour showcase taking you back to the golden age of music, a simpler time with smooth voices, great dress sense and the smell of whisky in the air. Audience members are whisked away to the Starlight Lounge of the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas to be in the company of Frankie Paradise and Louie Valentine. Our suave guides for the night accompanied by the Piano playing (okay, Keyboard playing) Jimmy Montana.

Remember at family barbeques when your dad gets a bit drunk and brings his mate of for karaoke and you spend the whole night watching them tell bad dad jokes you love and sing songs where the lyrics are a bit wrong? That’s how I felt watching these two gents on stage. There was a real warmth to the performance and they swayed back and forward with cheap gags and songs that were fitting for the rat pack days.

As with all performances I love, audience participation is a must and this one did not disappoint, making the audience feel even more part of the Crooners family and really made the hour just fly by. This show could easily have gone into the night, I wanted to keep drinking with them and become their friend.

Taking some of the eras greatest hits and turning them on there heads with new lyrics you feel yourself tapping along in this breeze of a show, This show is perfect for when you have had a few drinks and really looking for a good time. The two gents were a fantastic casting for the show with their incredible costumes and impressive vocals helping to transport the audience back to the glittering era. Whether you’re a fan of The crooner’s era music or not, the nostalgia of their classic hits will leave you feeling blissful throughout. Personally, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Taylor Crockett