theSpace@Surgeon’s Hall V53
August 2 to 24 (not 11)Β  Β  Β 16.05

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  (Five stars)

This is a blazing comet of a show, illuminating the troubled sky of education in our land.
Matthew Roberts, writer and performer here, gives a most intense and soul-baring experience to all present. He is passionate about his calling, about the need to give all that he can to his students, about the transformative power of the arts, and about the necessity of doing more than just surviving as a teacher.
Those who saw his brilliant show Canoe last year will know how he can provide rich insight in a single moment or movement. Here, he goes back to his first memory of playing at being Teacher at age 3, through many of the stresses of his years in that career. He refers to a bookΒ  – How to survive in Teaching by Dr Emma Kell, which is the source of many statistics. But do not take from that that this show is any kind of lecture. Far from it; it is an impassioned cry from the heart about the ways in which the life is being drained from the experience of education for both pupils and teachers, in ways that impoverish society.
Matthew will be presenting the epilogue to Teach at a rally in Westminster in September organised by the National Association of Head Teachers. See it here before it becomes even bigger news.
Matthew shows us the pressures the job can place on relationships, plus the particular problems that can affect gay teachers. Various politicians come in for a drubbing – you can probably predict some of the names. This is a show with some audience interaction. You will be given three chances to cast a vote.
This is not, however, a show that will leave you feeling hopeless about the world – quite the reverse. You will leave energised by Matthew’s passion, and feeling that the world is wonderful and that it can be more so if we approach it with real commitment. Go see this show, and know that things can be better.