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theSpace @Niddry St.Β  Β V57

August 12th to 24thΒ  20.50

🌟🌟🌟 (Three Star)

This is a lively, engaging and foot-tapping hour in the company of Ron Davis’ SymphRONica, who are regulars on BBC Radio 3. We have almost a small jazz orchestra, with Ron on the keyboard, plus guitar, bass, drums, two violins and cello.
The music played ranges across the world, with some numbers, understandably, coming from Ron Davis’ native Canada, a stimulating tango coming from much further south, and a good deal that stems from the European classical tradition. We hear jazz that has its roots in Bach and even roots in a movement from a Beethoven string quartet.
Each number is counted in by Keith Barrett on guitar, who gives a very distinctive character to the proceedings and repays close attention. The environment of the relatively small room means that the audience is close to the players, and can appreciate every note. The whole hours was agreeable and enjoyable.Β  The applause was enthusiastic after each number, and we left humming one of a number of tunes, and at least mentally dancing up the street.