Review: SIX ***** (Five Star)


Musicals and Opera

Underbelly – George Square, Udderbelly

Aug 14-27

Times Vary

***** (Five Star)

Imagine, Henry VIII’s wives get together, form an all-girl pop band and sing about their lives, that is SIX! It came to me as a recommendation from my boyfriend who threatened me with being single if I didn’t take him along to review. This was the first sign that the show was going to be good. My better half being the theatre producer he is, I’ve learned to listen to what he says when it comes to musical theatre.

Written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss and produced by Global Musicals, the sister company to Perfect Pitch, not to mention accompanied by an all-female band, SIX tells the story of Henry the eights famous and not so famous wives through the eyes of the woman themselves. A powerful hour and fifteen minutes of non-stop foot-tapping music and goosebumps-worthy songs, you are transported into six very narratives each telling the unique stories of the Tudor wives.

OK, full disclosure, at one point I cried, It came from nowhere. In the midst of powerful pop songs, there’s an emotional ballad and I really wasn’t expecting it. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as Jane Seymour played by the incredible Natalie Paris, gives a tear-inducing song telling the story of being the only wife he truly loved.

Although that was probably the standout moment for me, every single one of those queens gave a performance to die for (well, lose your head for) and there wasn’t a weak performance in sight. The other five queens are Alexia McIntosh as Anne of Cleves, Millie O’Connell as Anne Boleyn, Jarneia Richard-Noel as Catherine of Aragon, Aimie Atkinson as Catherine Howard and Maiya Quansah-Breed as Catherine Parr all of whom gave incredible performances. By the end, every single member of the audience was on their feet and screaming for an encore – which our ladies in waiting were more than happy to provide! Six is visually beautiful, emotional, powerful, epic and a show that will go down in history as one of theatres finest! This is most definitely not one to miss this Fringe, or on in the west end at the Arts in London.

Taylor Crockett