COMEDY (Walk/Interactive)


UNDERBELLY, Bristo Square (Venue 302)

August 1st-26th

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Five Star)

You will have no doubt seen a seemingly mindless group of headphone-addled disco-dancers, singing 80’s hits or flitting around the Meadows, led by yellow-clad hosts at some point during your Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You may have smiled and sung along, or watched from afar, or even purchased tickets along with the thousands of other audience members. Whatever the case, Silent Adventures has dreamed up a show that will make your visit to this year’s Fringe your most memorable yet.

Although based in Edinburgh and other UK cities all year round, this special comedy show for the Underbelly takes participants around the Underbelly venues, starting in Bristo Square, past George Square, into the beautiful Meadows by the Circus Hub, and back up the Quartermile. It might not seem very far, but it hosts a 60-minute show, full of fun, laughs and a whole lot singing and dancing – you don’t half work up a sweat!

Before the show begins, the headphones are handed off with pre-show banter, and elevator music fills your ears, along with various farcical social media infomercials, and a reminder not to bring any alcohol on tour – apparently, Tracy is to blame! An energetic warm-up to The Greatest Showman introduces our host, head to toe in yellow, and followed by a hysterical whirlwind of dance moves and choreography in a ‘bubble of love’.

It’s an unusual experience because once you don your headphones, you become part of this group of seventy or so audience members, ready to sing and dance without a care in the world. All ages, all backgrounds come together in a flash mob-esque performance that you didn’t know you were going to be a part of! We laughed from start to finish, partly due to the fun we were having, but also because our host was a firecracker of jokes and colourful choreography.

Our highlights along the route included performing a Spice Girls medley to the many food stands of George Square, a plethora of puns and innuendos, as we flew on broomsticks, and rode horses in a brilliant movie sequence in the Meadows, and doing the Time Warp along the Quartermile, had everyone performing as if we were our own Fringe show.

It was quite clear that not all members of the audience were ready for such a high energy performance, as there were a few red faces, and the hike up the Quartermile was a fair pace. But it didn’t stop every single participant belting out ‘I Just Got Paid’ to passersby, before finishing with Whitney and Neil Diamond in amongst the unsuspecting Bristo Square beer garden dwellers.

Which is where the magic of Silent Adventures really comes into its own. Those of us with headphones on enjoyed ourselves immensely, but what made it even more special, was seeing the smiles on the people who walked by. People filming us, laughing, dancing along – the ‘bubble of love’ they refer to is truly that. It’s an experience everyone needs to try at least once in their life. In our current climate of doom and gloom, it’s about time someone peppered in some nonsensical and pointless fun.

There is a reason our Friday night show was at full capacity – if you do one thing this Fringe, jump on a Silent Adventure, and switch off from the seriousness for just an hour. We dare you.

Andy Graham


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