Review: Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse ***

Stand up Comedy

Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse

Pleasance Courtyard

17:30 until 26th August

*** (3 stars)

Originally from Nottingham, the young rising star now lives in London and is making her Edinburgh Fringe Debut.

The setting is one of the small bunker caves at the Pleasance which sets the atmosphere for Sarah’s interaction with the audience, as she gages who is in the crowd or rather who is straight and who is gay and who doesn’t want labels. She appears strong and charming and immediately she a great rapport with her audience.

Sarah tells of her struggles growing up and conforming to society while trying to figure out and accept who she really is and everything that comes with being a young gay women/tomboy/no labels.

I think most of the audience including myself were really drawn to Sarah’s warm personality as she is extremely likeable and endearing but for me some parts seemed a little bit self indulgent and I was crying out for a change in subject rather than most of the focus being on her current job as a nanny, some of which the tales seemed too much exaggerated and slightly cheesy. That’s not to say that I didn’t fully understand and appreciate the message that was being portrayed to young women, that we as a society should be encouraging them to be who they want to be, without judgment.

Sarah showed quick wit in response to audience’s replies to any of her questions, but for me, her performance was more chuckles here and there than roaring with laughter, though I do think that perhaps she will appeal more to a younger crowd, especially if you identify as LGBTQIA or prefer no labels.

Amusing, cute and interesting, Sarah is a welcome addition to the fringe and worth seeing, I suspect we will see more of her as she continues to grow in her comedian career.

Susan Clark